The modernization of health care

The public sector has been notoriously slow in adopting new technologies for administering health care. Only recently have we started hearing about patient electronic health records and iPads being used by doctors and nurses in hospitals.

As much as this is regretful, it also represents a huge opportunity. Much in the same way the third world has adopted wireless technologies to replace its nonexistent telecommunications infrastructure, the public sector could adopt mobile health technologies to replace legacy systems that sometimes date back to the previous century.

The tech community has been quick to recognize this opportunity and has been quietly developing mobile health technologies for both public and private use.

According to AlliedHealthWorld.com, there are currently about 40,000 mobile health apps available for tablets and smartphones, and over 500 health projects worldwide that have a mobile thrust. This organization suggests that mobile apps can cut 25% of elderly care costs, reduce maternal and pre-natal mortality by 30%, reduce data collection costs by 24% reach two times more rural patients per doctor. Mobile apps are also great at providing health information (edu-tainment) and motivational games using positive reinforcement (gamification).

If you use diet or exercise apps such as Calorie Counter or Pocket Yoga, you may already be experiencing mobile health benefits without even realizing it. At least 30% of smartphone users are expected to use wellness apps by 2015.

If you have a great idea for a mobile health application, let us help you put it into action!

Daniel St-Pierre

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